Frontend Operators

Introduction to Frontend Operators

Frontend Operators play a crucial role in the HLiquity ecosystem by providing a web interface for end-users to interact with the unmutable HLiquity protocol. They bridge the protocol and the users, facilitating transactions and ensuring a smooth user experience.

Becoming a Frontend Operator

For Frontend Operators, using the technical documentation (SDK) and middleware library is usually the best option for wallet and integrator services looking to integrate the HLiquity protocol into their existing platforms.

Rewards for Frontend Operators

Frontend Operators earn a share of the HLQT tokens generated by their users. The distribution is determined by the Kickback Rate set by the Frontend Operator, which can range between 0% and 100%. A higher Kickback Rate can attract more users. However, a well-designed interface and additional functionalities might still attract users with a lower kickback rate.

Frontend Tags

Frontend Operators can tag deposits made through their interface and specify the percentage of HLQT "kickback" to their users. The revenue generated by a frontend increases proportionally with the total amount of HCHF deposited by its users to the Stability Pool.


Becoming a Frontend Operator in the HLiquity ecosystem is a rewarding endeavor that supports the protocol's decentralization and provides a share in the generated HLQT tokens. By understanding the responsibilities and benefits of being a Frontend Operator, you can make an informed decision about participating in the HLiquity protocol.

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