New Features

Liquity protocol fork

HLiquity is a fork of the widely recognized and successful Liquity protocol on Ethereum, adapted for the Hedera network. Liquity has established its reputation as a robust borrowing platform, and HLiquity's mission was to retain the core structure of the original protocol without significant alterations. However, operating on the Hedera Network necessitated some adjustments; for instance, HLiquity uses HBAR as its collateral and issues the HCHF stablecoin, which is tied to the stable and low-inflation Swiss Franc. These modifications were carefully implemented, followed by thorough approval and audit processes, to ensure that HLiquity maintains the same level of security and reliability as the original Liquity protocol.

HLiquity Adopts HTS

HLiquity has successfully integrated the Hedera Token Service (HTS) for its operational needs, moving beyond the traditional ERC-20 framework. This pivotal transition capitalizes on the sophisticated capabilities of HTS, optimizing HLiquity's functionality within the Hedera network.

For detailed insights into HTS, please refer to the Hedera's official documentation.

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